Manufactured and distributed by Now Italian Fabrics.

March 2020

In this particular moment of emergency Side + decides to start producing face masks, ceating a performing product and in compliance with the law D.L. 18/2020 ART. 16 comma 2. We decide to combine protection with aesthetic part, which has always been the predominant part of our products.

March 2008 - Aleppo, Syria

While searching for new production sources in Syria, Maria Piazza (Research Dept. - Now Italian Fabrics) purchases several “keffiyehs” at the Aleppo souk and immediately realises that such an artisanal product has the potential to become a great commercial success in Italy. However, the product seems to lack that something to make it truly unique and captivating. Upon returning to Italy, Maria begins experimenting with over-dyeing and artisanal ageing processes … and finally, the product is ready for commercialisation!!!
This marks the beginning of the Shak Chic brand, launches the product throughout the best shops in November 2008.

September 2009 - White Fashion Trade Show in Milan

After being displayed at the White Fashion Trade Show, the Shak Chic “keffiyehs” ultimately rise to prominence. During the Milan fair in September 2009, they are met with widespread commercial success and their distribution spectrum is extended to other countries, among them Germany, Austria, Korea and Japan.
“Never eccentric, always highly wearable and multicoloured, akin to the fabrics used by sculptor Michelangelo Pistoletto in his work the ‘Venus of the Rags’” (Martina Grandori - Dove magazine, May 2009 edition). Consisting of soft, coloured cotton with a slight delave effect, now also embroidered, printed, tie-dyed or with studs, the renowned Shak Chic “keffiyehs” have been targeted by trend scouts as the latest cult item; fancied by the most artful wanderers, this genuine multi-purpose unisex accessory can be worn as a pareu-scarf and has become a kind of security blanket to be kept always on hand.

March 2010

Regularly sold throughout the best shops in Italy, they can now be purchased also on...